Decorating your home with fire pits will gives it a welcoming environment. Lighting a fire in your yard especially during the onset of winter will help warm your family or guests. Gathering around the fire pit with your family or guests is a sure way of bonding with them. Fire pits give your home a pleasant outdoor feeling within the comfort of your backdoor. You may consider constructing it by yourself or purchase a custom made one from the market. Here are a few factors to consider when choosing a suitable fire pit.


Always consider on how safe the fire pit is especially if you have small kids. You don’t want your family stumbling on it causing injuries. You can use incorporate safety screen to contain the flames to the pit. Ensure you only use concrete, paving stones or other surfaces that don’t catch fire. It is necessary for you to keep a radius of 10 feet around the pit away from your home or other structures in the yard. Extreme caution should be taken not to install the fire pit under long hanging trees.


Different styles of fire pits are available. It is up to you to choose the most suitable and pleasing to your eyes. A combination of concrete, stone and wood gives your yard a more desirable appearance. Concrete adds a sleek modern look to your fire pit. If you intend to maintain the same fire pit model for a long time, it is advisable you go for the one made of concrete and stones.

Purpose of the Fire Pit

Wood fire pits will produce more heat compared to propane fired ones. Whether you go for a wood-burning or propane fired pit, it should provide enough warmth or beauty as you desire. Some fire pits are purely designed for aesthetic purposes and not for producing heat.

A fire pit can extend your living space into the yard. It provides a real alternative to the traditional fireplace. A fireplace will definitely add luxury and seduction mood to your home; therefore it’s worth investing in.