A patio is a living space built outdoor at ground level. It can be attached or detached from your house. You can construct a patio using pavers, concrete, stone, brick or tile and sometimes even wood. On the hand, the decks are external elevated structures constructed at different heights needing support systems and rails. A majority are made of wood, composite wood or vinyl. Here are a few tips that will help you choose between a patio and a deck for your home. Budget If you have a limited budget, you should go for a patio. In some cases, it might cost you twice as much to erect a deck than a patio. The cost depends on the material, location, size and the outdoor space available in your home. The support systems and railings required for the deck increases your budget hence you may find a patio more affordable. Location and View If your home is located in a scenic environment, you may prefer a deck. If you want an outdoor space off your upstairs bedroom, it is good for your home. When going for a patio, you should ask yourself whether to integrate the landscape of your home in its overall design or you require an outdoor space for entertainment, cooking, laundry or near the swimming. Drainage of Your Home Before choosing either off them, you have to find the slope of your home. A deck is usually built level since it has enough spacing for drainage. If you put up a patio in your home, you should slope it a bit to avoid pooling of water on the floor. You don’t want your kids to end up playing with stagnated; the water also makes the floor slippery hence it becomes a hazard to you and your family. You may consider making permeable pavers on the patio to allow easy drainage of water. Maintenance If you use metallic and wooden support systems and railing, you may have to change them time to time. A patio does not require support systems hence its maintenance is relatively cheap since you only need to ensure the surface is in good condition.