Baby trees cannot just be planted at random times. You need to time when the conditions are favorable for the seedlings before planting them. You don’t want to plant baby trees at the wrong for them to end up drying up. If you reside in a warm climate, you can plant them at any time. Summer is the least suitable time for planting your baby plants. This is because the high temperatures in summer increase evaporation causing them to dry up. You shouldn’t rush to plant baby trees just because you want your yard to look green sooner. The ideal time to plant your baby trees is influenced by several factors including weather and dormancy. Water is an essential requirement, and you should never plant your baby trees when enough water is not available.

At dormancy 

It is advisable for you to plant baby trees when they are dormant. At this stage, there will be less damage when you handle them. For them to grow well, you need to ensure their environment is disrupted minimally. The biggest issue here is to identify when they go dormant and how to know. Most baby plants undergo dormancy during the course of autumn and begin to leave the dormancy around spring. This is your best shot to plant them successfully in your garden or yard.

Planting Leafy Plants

You will notice that leafy plant will start shading their leaves in spring. This means that they are undergoing dormancy giving you a chance to plant them in your yard. If they start growing buds at the onset of spring, be sure your baby plants will grow to maturity.

Planting Evergreen Baby Plants

You can plant evergreen baby plants during any season. This is because the change in weather has no effect on them. Despite this fact, it is recommended that you avoid planting baby trees in summer because of the heat. If extreme temperatures still persist around late September, you can still wait till the fall when conditions are optimum. Similarly, if the weather is still hot on early June, you should postpone planting the evergreen baby trees till early spring.